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Here are a few psytrance dj mixes available for free download in mp3 format.  I’ll be releasing more in the future.  I don’t release psytrance mixes too often due to time constraints, and also because I will never release something that isn’t high quality.  So anything you download below has my personal seal of approval and is CD player ready.  That is, I don’t anticipate you will be skipping through any tracks or wincing when you hear bad mixes happening..  There are no bad mixes!  I hope you enjoy.

[+]Studio Psytrance DJ Mix from the Psytribe / Green Sector / Terrakroma 2012 Awakening new years eve party

Style: Night time, spacious, uplifting and melodic psytrance

Description: This mix is from my set at the Psytribe / Green Sector / Terrakroma 2012 Awakening new years eve party.  The time was 3:00 to 4:30 a.m., outdoor in Simi Valley, just outside of Los Angeles on the lawn of a mansion. I chose the tracks based on the event, location and mixed crowd that was attending the party. Not so heady, very accessible, melodic, uplifting with some good peaks and climbs towards higher spaces. Meant to be a pleasant lift off into the new year.

… track list coming soon …

[+]Studio Night Time Psytrance DJ Mix from Live Mix @ The Psytribe & Green Sector Psychedelic Freak Show 2009

Style: Night time, dark, trippy and melodic psytrance

Description: I played this set at the annual Psytribe / Green Sector Psychedelic Freak Show, Halloween weekend 2009.  The time was 4:00 to 5:30 a.m., outdoor in the mountains of Southern California.  This is heavier and more mental music than I normally play, though I consider it to be some of my better work.  It touches some melody towards the end but mostly it’s filled with rough textures, trippy soundscapes and some mind bending, reality altering sequences throughout.

… track list coming soon …

[+]Studio Psytrance DJ Mix from Live Mix @ LA Burning Man Decompression 2008

Style: Funky, melodic and serious psytrance

Description: I played this set at the 2008 Los Angeles Burning Man Decompression.  The time was 9:00 to 10:00 p.m., outdoors in a park in downtown Los Angeles on the outskirts of Chinatown.  It’s meant to be a fun and bouncy set for a mixed crowd, with some exciting buildups and nice hooks.  But with a pinch of psychedelic and serious overtones to take the dancers on a mental and emotional journey.

01 Tron vs Ecliptic – Ecliptron (7:08)
02 Waio vs Broken Toy – Waio Toy (5:23)
03 Waio – Wicked Waio (Duth Rmx) (5:27)
04 Rinkadink – Marauder (4:27)
05 2Minds – Drive In (4:12)
06 Earthling vs Bushman – Waking Life (6:08)
07 Headroom – Deadroom (6:00)
08 Compressor vs Hyperion – Front To Back (4:30)
09 Esion – Distortion Disco (5:20)
10 Materia – Revelation (5:23)
11 Earthling & Chromatone – Shiva Chillum (6:11)
12 Astrix – Poison (Wrecked Machines Rmx) (8:26)

[+]Studio Psytrance DJ Mix from Live Mix @ Green Sector NYE Two Thousand Cre8, 2008-01-01

Style: Deep, spacious, funky, melodic and serious psytrance

Description: I played this set at the Green Sector New Years Eve 2008 party.  The time was 2:30 to 4:00 a.m. at an indoor location on the west side of Los Angeles.  I planned this set based on the size constraints of the venue and the density of the crowd inside.  The tracks aren’t too high of energy to overtake the crowd and make people feel too confined inside a small space.  They have room in them to move around in and a steady groove that keeps you bouncing while taking you on a mental journey that’s not overwhelming.  I would say it worked out and I consider this mix one of my best works to date.

01 Chromosome vs Rumble Pack – Hypochondricals (6:56)
02 Flip Flop – Check One Rmx (3:35)
03 Shapestatic – Dancefloor (3:08)
04 Panick – Class-X (4:42)
05 Tranan – Mental Expedition (4:16)
06 The Commercial Hippies – One Step (5:36)
07 AMD – Morning Glory (3:25)
08 Error Corrective – BFG 9000 (3:10)
09 Rumble Pack – Timecode (3:15)
10 Orgon Flow – Remember Him (4:36)
11 Plasmotek – Obsession (1:48)
12 Pion vs Aki – Amnesia (3:49)
13 Tranan – Deep Reef (2:41)
14 Beatnik – Balloon Tricks (4:41)
15 AMD – Pretty Trippy (4:42)
16 Error Corrective – Optic Lock (5:09)
17 Mad Contrabender – Scarlet Beauty (6:39)

[+]Live Fullon Psytrance DJ Mix @ Resolutions (Green Sector), The Ranch, 2006-01-07

…more to come…

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