Gatto Matto has been a DJ since 2004, though he is first and foremost an avid dancer and music lover. He has an extensive collection, a very keen ear for track selection, expert ability to mix music together harmonically, structurally and emotionally, and is known for being able to take the dancefloor on an immersive journey through emotion and sound, with an energy and passion behind the decks not often experienced from other performers.

Gatto discovered the electronic underground in the year 2000 in Los Angeles, CA and has been involved ever since. After the many ecstatic and transformational experiences he had on the dancefloor, he decided to become a DJ himself with the intention of creating similar kinds of experiences for others. He had the privilege of joining the legendary Green Sector collective in early 2005. Since then he has become an accomplished and versatile DJ, covering a broad spectrum of electronic dance music including psytrance, progressive psytrance, progressive house, tech house, breakbeats and more. His current intention is to bring fun, lively and funky tunes to the stage to create an uplifting and emotionally charged experience while still keeping the crowd intellectually engaged.

He has performed with crews such as Symbiosis, Psytribe, Green Sector, Terrakroma, Pulse, Moontribe, Geomagnetic, T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, Love Nation, Pulsar, Chilluminati, Electric Cocoon and many more. His gigs cover a lot of terrain including black rock desert, the Mojave, the mountains and beaches of the west coast and various underground parties and venues too numerous to mention. He has played at Circus Disco, Supper Club SF, 1015 Folsom, The EndUp, Ruby Skye and other respected clubs in Los Angeles and San Francisco. He has also played abroad in Mexico, Europe and Central Asia.

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